The Mountain Club

of South Africa

explore – discover – connect – protect
verken – ontdek – ontmoet – bewaar

Welcome to the MOUNTAIN CLUB of SOUTH AFRICA's national website!! Welkom by die Bergklub van Suid-Afrika se webblad!!


If in trouble in the mountains use your cell phone emergency number which will link through to Metro Rescue or use this emergency map to get to an MCSA Search & Rescue coordinator.

Climbing opportunities: See the link on the left for the many climbing opportunities available
Who we are:

The Club consists of 14 Sections, geographically distributed. Links to each of those sections may be found at the bottom of this page. You are strongly advised to contact the section nearest to you to join in activities and to discover any warnings of danger in the area before setting out on your own.

The MCSA was founded in 1891 and is one of only two mountain clubs in Africa which are affiliated to the world mountaineering body, the UIAA. The Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) offers mountaineering, which includes climbing of all types and hiking opportunities to its members and is involved in mountain search and rescue, training, conservation of mountain areas, procurement of access for mountaineering. The sidebar gives access to information on all of these activities and also to the calendar listing the national events involving the Club. More details about these events, meetings, meets, and general information about the Club and mountaineering around the world can be found in MCSA E-News also found in the sidebar.

To contact the national body, please e-mail News items should be sent to
To contact any of the sections, please click on the relevant link below.