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If in trouble in the mountains contact the nearest emergency number as listed here or use this map to locate the nearest MCSA Search & Rescue coordinator.

Who we are
The Club consists of 14 Sections, geographically distributed. Contact the section nearest to you to join in activities.
Monthly MCSA news that included upcoming events and mountain news from around the world is available hereNews items should be sent to 

The MCSA turns 125 this year
The MCSA turns 125 this year. As part of the celebrations, an expedition to Patagonia is planned. There was a HUGE response to the invite. No new applications can be accepted. 

If you want to follow their progress.

2016 Supertramp award
As 2016 is the MCSA’s 125th year, all six applicants received the MCSA Supertramp Award 2016!
- Chris Aderne will climb in the Ruwenzori in June with his partner Michael Kloos
- Alex Bester will climb in the Pedras Negras in Angola in November together with Ebert Nel
- Jed Johnson and team mates, Craig Burton and Andrew Court, will climb at the Hand of Fatima in Mali in November
- Rick Kotze will hike for a month in the Cape Fold Mountains together with Chris Arderne
- Micha Stiller will trek solo for 600km in Nepal from Bhimdatta to Kathmandu
- Tiffany Wells and team members, Kirsten Roberts and Sam Stainton, will climb in South East Asia at the end of 2016. Congratulations and the best of luck to all.

Disclaimer: Mountain climbing has its risks. All who join in Mountain Club outings or use information from this website do so entirely at their own risk

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