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Black Eagles

Irene Vermeulen (Paarl-Wellington) provided this link to some stunning pictures of black eagles breeding.


Another reason to protect our mountains!

Umhlambonja River January 2011
The photograph showed the Umhlambonja River in flood mid-January 2011, with the majority of Cathedral Peak Hotel's golf course under water (Cathedral Peak Hotel Newsletter). The unusual weather patterns and widespread flooding throughout South Africa left their mark on the Drakensberg landscape.  The rainfall patterns were expected to continue until the end of March. After multiple landslides Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife closed Mikes Pass indefinitely.  Walks and hikes which were also closed included the Cathedral Peak hike, Rainbow Gorge and Marble Baths.  The situation remained under constant monitoring as the waterlogged ground posed risks in many areas.  Hikers needed to be aware of the possible dangers of potential landslides in all areas and rivers which swell during rainfall, complete relevant hiking registers, and were asked to respect paths which were marked closed with danger tape.