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Journal 2011

JOURNAL 2011 - NB Please note in particular point 6.  

This is a further call for submissions to the 2011 Journal No. 114 to be published by the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) (http://cen.mcsa.org.za/home/journal).     

About the MCSA Journal: The MCSA Journal has been published since 1894. Apart from reaching 3,000+ MCSA members, the MCSA provides about 65 complimentary copies to libraries of eight South African universities; the National Library, the Royal Geographic Society in London, the American Geographic Society, the International Mountaineering Museum in Nepal, international alpine associations such as the British Mountaineering Council; the Alpine Club, the Scottish and New Zealand Mountain Clubs and other Mountain Clubs in Africa (Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe).

Contributions for the 2011 Journal should reach the Editing Team through the Journal Co-Ordinator (journal@mcsa.org.za OR secretary@mcsa.org.za) by 31 January 2012. Late submissions will not be accepted after 31 March 2011, except by prior arrangement (best via email so that there is a written record). Submissions missing information as requested below will also be returned to authors.


(i). Each article submitted must have a TITLE, AUTHOR'S NAME, FULL AUTHOR CONTACT DETAILS.

(ii). Photographs, if submitted, must be submitted at the same time as the article (not months later). No more than TEN photos may be submitted. Feel free to first email smaller low-resolution images as JPEG or TIFF files. Photos must be accompanied by an MSWORD TEMPLATE WITH PHOTO FILE NAME, CAPTION AND PHOTOGRAPHER for each photo. If there are particular photos you feel it isessential to be included in the article, please indicate as much. (A sample of the MSWord Template is on the website under Journal contributions).

(iii) All material can be emailed to the co-ordinator, so long as individual messages do not exceed 5 Mb.

(iv) Please use the Style Sheet on the website at http://cen.mcsa.org.za/home/journal as a guide to spelling conventions for mountaineering terms and especially for route description style and layout.

(v) Route descriptions submitted which deviate significantly from the guideline format will be returned to authors for correction. Please be very clear in route descriptions – they often present many problems and much to’ing and fro’ing with authors. Check route descriptions in previous issues of the Journal. ALL material is preferably to be submitted in electronic format: if you have prints or slides, please could you get them scanned (at 300 dpi resolution) (all photographic shops now offer scanning services).

(vi) Please note in particular the following about rights (copyrights) for text, photography etc in the Journal of The Mountain Club of South Africa [JMCSA]: The MCSA copyrights the entire annual JMCSA. However, authors and photographers retain all rights to re-use their individual contributions. The MCSA retains the right to utilise, if included in the JMCSA, the author's/photographer's submitted text articles and/or photographs and/or designs and/or sketches for any other purpose in MCSA-related publications in print or in any other manner whatsoever, for no compensation. (Published photographers and contributors who are non-members will receive a complimentary copy of the JMCSA). Permission will be requested from authors and photographers for any publication of their work outside the MCSA. Since authors and photographers retain all rights to their work, they may re-use it without permission from the MCSA.