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CENTRAL COMMITTEE 2010 (elected at the MCSA's AGM in April 2010)

The Central Committee of the MCSA consists of an Executive Committee plus the Section Chairpersons.

President: Dave Jones

Deputy President: Ottilie Neser

Honorary Secretary: Gerhard van Wyngaardt

Honorary Treasurer: Lester Coelen

Additional members: Ulli Deutschlander and Andy Wood


Amajuba: Thea Groenewegen

Cape Town: Andy Wood

Eastern Province: Magnus Wagener

Free State: Derek Odendaal

Hottentots-Holland: Ulli Deutschlander

Johannesburg : Chris Ziranek

KwaZulu-Natal: Hannelie Morris

Magaliesberg: Ottilie Neser

Namibia: Roland Graf

Paarl/Wellington: Avril Powrie

South Cape: Bill Uren

Stellenbosch: Paul Verhoeven

Tygerberg: Altus de Wet

Worcester: Tonie Roux

MCSA President, Dave Jones, wants to express his sincere thanks for the support and advice he received from the 2009 Executive Committee. "In particular, I commend the outgoing  Vice-President, Ulli Deutschlander, for his prompt responses whenever I sought advice. I am delighted with the strength of the new committee elected at the AGM on 17 April and especially with its sectional/regional balance. I am particularly thrilled to welcome Otti Neser on board as Vice-President as it is believed to be a first in this position for the fair sex and an overdue move in gender equality." (There certainly never before has been four 4 female MCSA chairpersonson Cencom in one year; probably never more than one).

Central Committee has adopted the Cape Town Section's slogan “explore – discover – connect – protect” as the MCSAs national slogan with the Afrikaans provisionally set as:

"verken – ontdek – ontmoet – bewaar”.