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08_May 2011

Dear MCSA member


In this News Bulletin:

1) Johannesburg Section 80th anniversary: 15 May - book immediately

2) July Camp, Injesuthi: 2-16 July

3) SA National Climbing Federation

4) Global Youth Summit Meet, Drakensberg: 9-16 July





Johannesburg Section had its first meet on 14 May 1931 at Swartkops (Now the farm Glenburn Lodge):  ‘To mark their first conquest, the Transvaal Mountaineering Club built a cairn on the summit of Swartkop yesterday about noon.  The club was formed on Tuesday when quite a large number of members were enrolled with Mr J Idelson as leader.'   ’Daily Mail', 15 May 1931, p10.

                  To celebrate this occasion, Johannesburg Section invites all to walk to the summit of Swartkops, starting from Glenburn Lodge (out on the Muldersdrift Road, to Kromdraai Road, Muldersdrift  at +- 9:00 on Sunday 15 May. The walk of about 2-3 hours will be led by their chairman, Dobek Pater, and after the return a buffet lunch can be enjoyed at Glenburn Lodge at 13h.  The cost is R125 (cash bar); children are welcome:  under- 6-years are free;  6 –12- years-old 50% of R125. Further enquiries and bookings: Uschi Magg (011 807 1310 (8-10); admin@jhb.mcsa.org.za) or Jenny Paterson (jpaterson@iburst.co.za,  083 702 6241 (afternoons only)).





After an absence of 31 years, the 91st July Camp will be held in the Injesuthi area. The area offers a dramatic and scenically rugged terrain with superb hiking in the Little Berg; backpacking on the Escarpment from Giants Castle to Champagne Castle and beyond, with a range of mountain passes in between; rock-climbing opportunities; and, if weather conditions are suitable, even opportunities for ice climbing.  It has some superb examples of rock art (e.g. Battle Cave to which there are conducted tours), abundant bird life and the antelope for which the Berg is renowned. 

       This will be a Base Camp with a difference! The ruggedness of the terrain has precluded the development of any road beyond the small, hutted Camp, so Base Camp will be in the minimally developed Injesuthi Camp site. It is very simple, just with mown areas, ablution facilities, running water and sufficient longer grass and trees for a pleasing degree of privacy. Campers can attend for the whole period, either week, or for just a few days.   As you approach the hutted camp, the Base Camp site is discretely tucked away to your right. Cars will be parked away from the tents, campers will be responsible for transporting ALL their own kit from their vehicles to their chosen tent site.  Children, accompanied by a parent (or other adult) taking full responsibility for them at all times, will be very welcome (and the base camp set-up this year makes it eminently suitable for children). 

                  Camp fees are R 200ppppn or R 1400/week. KZN Wildlife has given a 33% discount and the basic camping fee covers nights in the tent site, or nights out sub-camping, whether in tents or caves (Caves must be booked through the Office). Camp fees include a standard selection of food for all meals in Base Camp and on day trips with pre-packed, lightweight food provided for sub-camping trips.

                  For the detail information including equipment requirements, contact your section secretary or see  http://cen.mcsa.org.za/meets/july-2011 If you need any further details, please phone Rikki Abbott Wedderburn on 082 538 5389 or 033 330 3921 (home) or Margaret Brown on 082 055 2143

                  Bookings close on 18 June.





The South African National Climbing Federation (SANCF) was founded to organise competition climbing in SA. It plans to set standards based on the guidelines of the International Federation for Competition Climbing and to take the SA competition climbing community forward to international levels. It keeps tabs on the schools, student, adult and bouldering leagues. See: http://www.sancf.org.za.





The MCSA, under the auspices of the UIAA Youth Commission, will host a Global Youth Summit (GYS) event, 'Trekking in South Africa's 'Dragon Mountains' from  9-16 July 2011. It involves a trek from Sentinel to Cathedral Peak. Applications from participants aged 16-25 (the minimum age has been dropped as different Federations have different definitions for ‘Youth’) will be considered. Participants need to be members of Federations affiliated to the UIAA. The number of 16-year-old participants will be limited to a maximum of 6 in total. Participants under the age of 18 years have to be accompanied by a Youth leader older than 25 (The ratio should be 1 Youth Leader to accompany no more than three 16-year-old participants). Minimum no of participants: 15. Cost:  R3 250 per person. Further information: Jenny Paterson (jpaterson@iburst.co.za ). Deadline for applications: 13 May.



Best regards


Petro Grobler

MCSA eNEWS Temp Editor




Two snippets from the MCSA Annual Reports 2010:


- Springstygbeugel: Assistance has been given to the Cape Leopard Trust survey taking place over the property. Twenty one (YES!!) individual leopards have been identified over the greater Limietberg survey area. Specifically one magnificent male - named Merlot - has been identified inhabiting the MCSA property and surrounds. In addition another 21 different mammal species have been recorded. This underscores that this property is a prime wilderness area that all members would be doing themselves a disservice not to visit.


- The First Aid kit in the hut which was either a joke or a historical curiosity, has been completely updated for use in any minor accident at the hut (but NOT for hangovers!).



'The view from my office is better than yours'. Gustav van Rensburg of Roc n Rope (climb@rocrope.com) at Waterval Boven to a weekend climber, 1 May 2011