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Patagonia expedition 2016

The MCSA turns 125 this year. To celebrate this, the expedition sub-com is facilitating a national expedition which can appeal to a wide spectrum of MCSA members – trekkers, climbers, mountaineers. The O’Higgins area in Patagonia was selected as the most suitable venue. It offers a number of challenging peaks, almost unlimited trekking options and relatively easy access to the Patagonian Ice Cap and its snow peaks. The area is rarely visited and there is strong potential for new routes and even unclimbed peaks.

There was a HUGE response to the invite. Even if allowing for a 40% drop-out factor, there would be a group too big for comfort and to big for the local transport infrastructure. It has therefore been decided to split the trekkers into various groups over different dates. No new applications to take part will be accepted.

The expedition will be entirely self-supported; no guides or commercial operators will be employed. This also means everybody has to carry all his own goods, pitch his tent, cook his own meal and also take an active part in preparations.

For more information about the Lago O’Higgins area of Patagonia – general geography of the Southern Patagonian Icecap, history, maps and possible site for a base camp: