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Youth Leader Training Course

The Mountain Club of South Africa (97 Hatfield Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa; (http://mcsa.org.za) invites Member Federations of the UIAA to participate in a Youth Leader Training Course to be held in the Magaliesberg, South Africa. Details and application forms are found in the attached PDF file. (Also below.)


It has been announced on ClimbSA that Duncan Frasier is the recipient of the Supertramp Award for 2013. Congratulations Duncan. For more details go to Duncan Fraser.

 Click on attachments below for more detail. The recipients so far have been:

  • 2005 Guillaume du Toit – climbing in India;
  • 2006 Greg Borman – Brazil (trip cancelled because airline went bankrupt);
  • 2007 Donovan van Graan - Georgia, Armenia and Turkey; 
  • 2009: Kyle Meenahan - walking within 100km along SA's border (solo);
  • 2010: Michael Woodward – climbing on Mulanje in Malawi
  • 2011: Joe Mohle - climbing in Atlas Mountains
  • 2012 Alasdair Walton - climbing in the East Andes in Colombia


The MCSA encourages youths to partake in mountaineering activities, including not only hiking and climbing locally, but to attend overseas international meets. Through its affiliation with the UIAA, the MCSA offers excellent annual opportunities for youth MCSA members to attend
UIAA International Youth Meets - the defined ages for these Youth Meets are 18 - 25 years. Some member Federations host specific meets for younger participants (14-17 years) with strict participation criteria. The meets are usually scheduled to take place in July - September (Europe's summer holidays). The meets are hosted by different member organisations of the UIAA (mostly the ones based in Europe) and cater for different age groups and activities. The meets are usually scheduled to take place in July - September (Europe's summer holidays).

The Youth Commission member Federations hosts up to five international Youth Meets annually, offering activities ranging from walking tours in the Alps to sport climbing camps to family meets to rock climbing meets. The age range of participants depends on the activity and is set by the host Federation. The meets have been annually advertised to MCSA members via MCSA eNews and to MCSA Sections through Cencom.

In 2004 an extra series of meets called Global Youth Summit Meets were introduced. The Global Youth Summit is the name for UIAA youth events which promote peace and cooperation between countries and protection of the environment.(Youth (read more...) A letter from a very happy camper at the 2011 GYS illustrates the success of these meets as does this enthusiastic blog with its pictures.

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Michael van Breda,
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