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Hosts are encouraged to include certain themes and aims in the event programme, such as crag development, local ethics and traditions, improving individual performance, environmental awareness and climbing for peace.  

Several successful youth leader training courses in different countries have been held since 2000 under the auspices of the UIAA Youth Commission.

Event information and an application form is made available through the UIAA Youth Commission to its member Federations. Interested youth members submit the completed event application form to the event co-ordinator.

Centenary Journal Youth Fund (CJYF)

A proactive step by the Magaliesberg and Johannesburg Sections was in 2000 to establish the Centenary Journal Youth Fund at a national level. Interest earned on this capital fund of R25 000 has been made available annually to one or more applicants. An appeal was made in the June 2008 issue of MCSA e-News for donations to the Centenary Journal Youth Fund to boost the fund so as to make it more viable to use the annual interest payments for youth to attend UIAA Youth Meets. In response donations were received from Cape Town Section (R5000); Magaliesberg Section (R2000) and Johannesburg Section (R5000). A further R1582,50 was donated by UIAA Youth Commission President, Anne Arran, in 2009 - the proceeds of the Angel Falls slide shows by her and her husband John.

MCSA criteria for successful applicants (other than meeting all the host Federation's criteria) are very basic: a report must be submitted through the MCSA's UIAA Youth Commission member for the Central Committee, and an article submitted to the MCSA Journal for the year in which the event took place. All other costs are for the applicant’s own account (their Sections might provide additional financial assistance). After acceptance of an application by the MCSA, the specific application form drawn up for each Meet has to be submitted by the MCSA to the particular host federation.

Applications for UIAA Youth Meets are open to:

1) Youth/family/ordinary members of the MCSA or children of MCSA members up to the age of 25 years (some Sections do not have family/youth membership categories)

2) who meet requirements, if any, as stipulated by relevant UIAA Federations.

Any request for funding from the Centenary Journal Youth Fund is made through the relevant applicant's MCSA Section. Such applications are evaluated by a sub-committee chaired by the MCSA's UIAA Youth Commission member.

With prevailing exchange rates and the low interest rates earned on the CJYF, it becomes more and more difficult for young people to apply for the UIAA Youth Meets as just the meet fees range between €260 and €350. The tendency is that young people, who are at the upper age limit for the Meets and who are already earning a bit of income, apply.

The following MCSA members/youth benefited from funding/sponsorship provided:

2000: Voytek Modrzewski (CT, Ex-Jhb) - Spanish Pyrenees (Cencom agreed to an air ticket to kickstart applications to the CJYF from which interest first had to be earned in 2000 so as to be paid out in 2001);

2001: Tristan Firman (CT) - Crimea Climbing Festival;

2002: Glenn Cooke (KZN) - Crossing the European Alps, a project to celebrate International Year of Mountains 2002;

2003: Anthony Hall (CT) - a kloofing-cum-rafting meet in Valsesia, Italy, and a trekking meet in the Carpathian mountains in Romania;

2003: Simon Larsen (CT) - Switzerland Youth Leader Training (sponsored by SAC);

2004: Russell Shaw (JHB) - Elbrus;

2005: Alan Grant (JHB) - India (meet cancelled due to a lack of participants; the money was reallocated for him to attend a 2006 BMC Meet);

2007: Iain Smuts (PW) - Youth Leader Training, Barcelona, Spain;

2008/2009: No applications

2010: Werner Schmidt (MAG) - Trekking in the Liguria Alps, Italy

2010: PW Nel (MAG) - CAAI inaugural trad climbing meet, Valle dell' Orco, Italy.